Sunday, June 24, 2018

North -

To?  -

As I'm writing this we're tied up at Ft Pierce enjoying the company of those darn Kiwis aboard 'Southern Star'.
It's always fun to catch up with Jenny and Ted. They've just finished a pretty extensive run of the Bahamas so plenty of island stories were exchanged.
Their intentions are to cruise up to the far Northeast this year so we hope to see them again on their way back down.

For us, life's been good in Jupiter; a few projects at the house, lots of walks on the beach, and a fair amount of business has been taken care of.

Little Muddy loves the beach.

With a few new electronics added the boat was made ship shape again, the time to cast off arrived.

We left Old Port Cove at first light and made it to Ft Pierce at slack tide. The approach to the marina here is most times exhilarating and tying up can be as well; slack tide takes the drama and stress out of our arrival.

Sunrise at OPC

We thought it prudent to do a little shake out run to Ft Pierce before completely leaving our hood behind. It was a short ride in flat seas and very enjoyable. The boat seems up to par so now we're puzzling over where to next.

Though evening thunderstorms are prevalent, there's a full moon coming up and the seas are forecast to be favorable.

As is our usual M-O; there's no long range plan other than work our way North in order to please the insurance man. We need to be above Florida until November so with that in mind we'll take this year's trip in increments and see what happens.

It sure is nice to be back aboard.

ps: throwing this in just because they're so damn good.