Monday, June 3, 2013

Memphis Thangs

Being landlocked for a while, we've been doing our best to enjoy Memphis and it's accompanying lifestyle. It's an interesting old town that's managed to sustain it's patina. Hopefully our newest crop of city fathers will see fit to maintain it's greatest attribute.
Leaning skeptical, I sincerely doubt it.

Jack Tucker Alley

Downtown's alleys are the stuff of legends, which puts the late architect Jack R. Tucker Jr. in pretty good company.
The historic cobblestone alley that runs behind Tucker's residence in Cotton Row has been designated Jack Tucker Alley by the City Council.
"Jack considered everything important in designing a quality city," Jones said. "It's like Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley says. 'If you pay attention to the details, the big things will take care of themselves.'"
Tucker's widow, Cyndy Grivich Tucker, said, "That little alley is a great representation of his philosophy. It was never named, it's a forgotten piece of history, and it's something he cared so much about that he fought for so long to keep it. This isn't an honorary street naming. This is for real. It's something that will be in the map books."

Article from The Commercial Appeal 
By Wayne Risher — 2009

Today's Pic

I've always heard it said, "If you don't like the weather in Memphis, give it a day...".

Sunday, in contrast to Saturday, was a particularly beautiful day... that ended with a cool breeze and a warm light; perfect for shooting pics.

The American Queen was home and tied up at Beale Street Landing in all her glory.

She's a beauty.
As usual, I got lots of Memphis pics.

Love this camera.