Saturday, July 18, 2009

Still sitting in the green room

We've been doing what we came to Memphis for... family, business, house cleaning... but we're feeling the need to head south and back to Istaboa.

The Albury is almost finished, which we are anxiously looking forward to seeing, and we're missing our South Florida lifestyle and friends.

One of the things we will miss (amongst many) about Rocky Point is the little deer family we have been watching since being back. A doe brings out two little fawns a few times a day for water and corn we have put out for them. I will post pictures later.

I have failed to mention another Nordhavn adventure blog. Ken Williams has put together quite a sojourn. He calls this the "Great Siberian Sushi Run". The image above is his sail plan.
His boat, "Sans Souci" and two other Nordhavns, "Grey Pearl" and "Sea Bird" are leaving the US northwest and heading for Japan... the hard way.

Cut and pasted from his blog.

"Although we're calling this mini rally "The Great Siberian Sushi Run", it has been suggested that we call ourselves "The Wrong Way Gang". The prevailing winds are such that there is a virtually non-stop headwind from the west. We are expecting consistently high winds, and slow going. The "reward" is getting to see a part of the world that few have ever visited, and the ability to cross the Pacific without ever being more than 300 miles from land. Our longest passage will be only 500 miles, and our longest run without fuel will be only about 1,100 miles. "

It's really an interesting read. Click here>>>> GSSR

signing off for now...



ps... Radar is doing his throaty little growl that tells us the deer family is here. Will get pics and post later. They really are delightful to see.