Friday, December 30, 2011

Making preparations... for the New Year and Next Adventure

Crew Istaboa has not put any plans in stone as of yet and we probably won't. We enjoy being a bit fickle about our cruising objectives. Freedom's just another word for not sticking to plans. (sorry Kris)
But, we've been busy making preparations for a move. One reason for going to Fort Myers was to find out what'd stopped working since our return from the islands last year.
There weren't many.
One of our original GPS transducers had finally gone on the blink. Circa 2002
Our VHF antennae seemed to have put on fur coats. So those had to be replaced. Also almost 10yrs old
We've decided we need to finally add that Isolation Transformer we've talked about for years... and If anyone has any thoughts or ideas along those lines, please send us an email or comment.
When we get back, an autopilot calibration is in order. Loaded on new versions of, both, Nobeltec and Coastal Explorer and they aren't speaking the same language as the autopilots.
Been tinkering with the WiFi bridge aboard in hopes of speeding up throughput. Mainly because we've hooked up an Apple TV system for downloading movies... I know, I'm a geek... Mel tells me daily. I want my HDTV!
Also gonna try out MacENC just to see how the Apples handle the navigational tasks... Probably very well.
Going through our inventory to be sure we have the spares required when visiting the islands.
Rule #1: When in the islands, if you don't have it, you probably can't get it. Unless you pay a fortune to fly it in.
Rule #2: Read Rule #1.

Talked with our old buddy Captain Spooner and it looks like he's flying in from Baltimore to spend a few days with us... That's gonna be a lot of fun, so we're looking forward to going home. We miss all our friends at Sunset Bay. (Actually, Jeff and Cathy from C Dock, did come by our house in Memphis for drinks and dinner... That was nice. They were also kind enough to transport my new guitar back to Stuart.)

So plans.... Maybe not the islands and go up to the Northeast instead? Never done that past the Chesapeake. Maybe go to the islands and do some more WiFi work? Maybe both? Who knows?

We'll see...

A Happy New Year Video (you have probably seen) Cute...

better ... Happy New Year