Thursday, August 21, 2014

Keys and Back

And we're done.

We finished our short leg from Lauderdale to N. Palm Beach putting an end to our latest cruise.
The Keys were fun and we made new friends and while there we realized we enjoyed the Keys in the summer without the crowds more than in season with them.

We caught Key West's Lobster Fest.

This was the first week of Lobster Season and it did bring out the crowds.

The folks in the pic below decided to bypass the festival and opt for the pool.

Miami was as interesting as always and Fort Lauderdale was like going home again.
We caught up with old friends there and enjoyed an early dinner at our old favorite watering hole, Southport RawBar.

It was a very productive trip. Conch Harbor Marina in Key West is now enjoying very fast internet and Miami and Ft Lauderdale appear to be ready to upgrade also.

I love these kinda trips. Work and fun... or fun and work? Anyway, I haven't enjoyed working this much since I quit the music biz 30+ years ago.

More pics later.