Monday, June 15, 2015

Great Harbour Cay

Just one more pic... The Beach Bar
Not a Pete's Pub, not a Staniel Yacht Club, it's classic Great Harbour Cay. Like much of the island, The Beach Bar is a hold over from the modern Atomic Age days with it's rocket inspired roof atop a breeze bar with island colors. Pretty hip stuff in those days... pretty cool these days too.

Great Burgers and Fish Sandwiches + the view.

We walked/hitchhiked ( the best way to get around the island) there for breakfast on Sunday and visited the adjacent Art Shack. Picked up a couple of things for Spearfish; the proceeds go to the local school.

If our plans have worked out, we're now motoring across the, 'Tongue of the Ocean', heading for Nassau or Highborne Cay. Click here FindMeSpot

Obviously, we've enjoyed our time at Great Harbour Cay a lot and we plan to stop here on our way home. There's something magical about the marina and mysterious about the island, you come and you don't want to leave.
It's geographically the perfect location as a base to cruise the Bahamas. It would make a great Hurricane hole. An easy day run, in a boat such as Istaboa, to Nassau, The Abacos, Eleuthera, Bimini/Cat and a 14 hour trek straight back to Lake Worth Inlet and Palm Beach.
The marina is a fine facility and the staff are wonderfully hospitable. All these things make for a island/marina we'll very much look forward to revisiting often.
We've obviously explored and documented the interior of the island and we look forward to investigating the outlying area with it's hidden beaches and blue holes when we return. There's so much more to see and do.

But for now? We're heading south.

Club House Down

What I had earlier thought was the Hotel at Great Harbour Cay turns out to be the Club House that served the golf course back in the day.
We walked through the ruins and that's what it is. The Club House had it's day, but sadly, that day has long since passed.

 The Entrance

This, we think, is the Clubhouse Bar.
Contemplating the destroyed bar while standing amongst the shambles we, again, start imagining the celebrities from it's heyday sitting around the bar sipping their cocktails after a day on the links or the beach.

Street Art, but no street
   No Love 4 The Humans?
Seems graffiti, like weeds, will pop up anywhere left unattended.

The Bones

Anyway, the beat up old Club House at Great Harbour Cay was interesting to prowl through and reminiscence what once was.

These are things we do on windy days, tied up at the marina — makes for a great excuse to go to an existing bar for refreshment... which we did.