Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interesting images from along the way

Old Conch shells at Little Farmer's Cay

as the sun sinks at Cave Cay

Tiz de I-lans... Mon
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Le Grand Bleu
380' Private Yacht
If you look closely you will see this boat has a Sail Boat and a Sport Fish loaded onboard.
She was anchored in the Sound...  out from the [now defunct] Emerald Bay Marina.

Sunrise over Elizabeth Harbor in Georgetown.
This morning.

At this moment we are waiting for the tide to rise so we can begin our run to Long Island. This will probably be the last of the net for a while.
Exciting day for us. We will be crossing the Tropic of Cancer and entering the true Tropics. None of this Sub-Tropical stuff for us now. 
Actually we are on the edge of the T of C now; we are just running about 35 miles south.

So until we find bandwith....