Monday, April 29, 2013

Only in Memphis (A Repost)

Sipping a cool Mochachino at Bluff City Coffee and watching all the folks come and go around the Civil Rights Museum, I remembered writing a post about the Dalai Lama visiting back in 2009. 
So I reposted it.

At first we thought it a bit strange that the Dalai Lama was coming to Memphis, but it was somewhat intriguing as to why... and what did Natalie Cole have to do with it.
The big day came and it made national headlines.
We were proud (although shocked) that our hometown could be open minded enough to promote the peaceful ways of the the Dalai Lama and Buddhism. 

Then, in true Memphis form, one of our Mayors (Yes, we have at least 2)  gave His Holiness the fist bump, (which was kinda cool), but then pitched a sub-par joke that gained national attention for it's questionable taste.
The Dalia Lama seemed to take it with good humor; after all, he is the Dalia Lama; what would Buddha do?
Watch the video here>>> Dalai Lama receives fist bump from Memphis Mayor

Even more off the wall is this article out of the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Here >>>Zen and the art of living in Memphis. The reporter does make a few good points while attempting to be witty. We could benefit from the teachings of this man, but Memphis is way too divided, on so many levels, to even consider it.

What did he do while in Memphis? Quite a lot.
  1. He received the International Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum.
  2. He received a fist bump from Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery.
  3. He became an honorary citizen of Memphis. (which will add funkiness to His Holiness)
  4. He ate the best BBQ in the world. (even more funkiness for His Holiness)
  5. He went to Graceland. (No, just kidding)
  6. He blessed the Mississippi River. (It really could use more of that.)
  7. He said, "Everybody is the same human being. ... We are all the same," (True)
  8. He also said, "If you keep here -points to his heart-  fear, anger, jealously, everything appears suspicious." (tru dat)
  9. He convinced both Mayors to pronounce these "Peace and Harmony Days".
  10. He returned the fist bump to Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowrey before leaving.

We are proud to know the Dalai Lama was in our town. Even if most Memphians didn't realize, or care,  he was there.

Oh well, we are what we are...  and that's what we are? (paraphrasing the great 20th century philosopher, Popeye,  the sailor-man)  Toot Toot!

Meanwhile here in Stuart, we have been busy doing maintenance on Istaboa. Our friend Will has been extremely helpful and the boat is in better ship shape than ever before.
All raw waterlines have been cleaned out or replaced; (The marine growth and Mussels are bad around here.) we have replaced the whole bonding system and are having a diver take care of replacing the zincs; recaulking the flybridge; the list goes on and on and is, truly, never ending.
It's really nice to be able to drive down the street and buy what you need for your boat, when you need it. Unlike the Exumas or even Pickwick.

Our friends Dave and Shirley, from the Sea Spray days on Elbow Cay, have tied up next to us. So good times has been had... Sometimes too good. We will temper that soon.

We are still crossing our fingers and toes in regards to the big "H". So far, no bad weather or blows.

So that's about it.
Still enjoyin' life and not makin' plans.



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I can relate

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maybe I should be shooting a Canon


Last night, amidst the sprinkles of rain and the sound of distant  thunder, we ventured out to grab a bite at a local Italian restaurant before walking down Main for Art Night.
In Memphis, the last Friday of every month is Art night. Local artists show their work in hopes of someone appreciating and buying. We stopped by our friend and neighbor's gallery to visit and escape the rain.
John Robinette does incredible work that's inspired by the Mississippi Delta and it's authentically rusted existence therein... example below:

George Hunt was next door at the D'Edge Gallery. George is also influenced by the Delta, it's sounds, and sights. Maybe mix in some Pacasso meets Voodoo Village.

So over coffee, on this rainy morning, I started googling around and found more interesting artist that I'd like to share. I love the internet on rainy days.

Miss Van is back and hanging in Sao Paulo.

Bandwidth alert... unless you enjoy urban art, just don't

A more conservative approach to urban art.

And this is worth a clik too...

Photographer's Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World




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Sings the blues

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Weekend


Hmm... what to wear today? 
Maybe the black suit with a bowler hat

Or, let's live on the edge, maybe an Irish county hat?

We could all be John Malkovich.

A crowd of individuals?

 Then the throwing of colors breaks out and they all become a single huge multi-colored mass.
This could be fun.

So why all this about crowds?
A friend gave us tickets to the Music Fest and...


 Guess we keep thinking about Walmart and Black Friday.
And, this crowd will be drinking beer all day.
Getting old is a convenient excuse.

"Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded"
Yogi Berra

- See more at:

- See more at:
- See more at:
- See more at:

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The way to start the day... OJ Screamer!
Happy Weekend Everybody



Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Multimodal Day

Today's Pic

No, it's not Photoshopped.

Nice pic, though... Impressionist, huh?

Chao Hu is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. Heavy use of the lake in recent years has led to eutrophication and silting. Due to China’s rapid economic growth, the lake is now one of China’s most polluted lakes.
Picture by Jianan Yu / REUTERS

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interesting App

Marine Traffic is a fun little app when you're in an Automatic Identification System (AIS) marine navigable area.

About 50 miles north of Memphis, around Osceola, Arkansas, is the Bruce R. Birmingham. A tow boat, not a tug.

All things AIS that are near me:

Ole Joe is sitting just a couple of miles south of us in Ensley Bottoms, which is a pretty rough old port area that was used for years by the Corps of Engineers.
My Pop tied up there many times.

The Martha Ingram is slowly heading northbound around my hometown of Helena, Ark.
The river is high and the current's pretty strong... she's a top notch tow boat and only pushing 4 knots. In the top picture you can see the southbound Bruce R. Birmingham is doing 10 knots. The river is on the rise and the current will only get stronger. Don't envy any of these captains, no matter which direction they're headed.
Upstream's a very slow slog and downstream can quickly become uncontrollable.

Looking at St. Louis which has a lot more AIS traffic than Memphis, I see the Melinda Brent that was once owned by a friend of ours. Brent Towing, out of Greenville, MS, sold it to a company from Houston. All that information is in this app...

Kinda fun on a quiet night at home.