Friday, April 17, 2009

Long Island

This is not a fellow from Long Island but I have yet to take any pics.
So... more interesting things from along way. This is a fellow who wanted his picture taken. I think this was at Farmer's Cay.

Star fish from the Deca Station

Compass Cay Sharks

Not much going on yet... We are having lunch at Long Island Breeze. A nice restaurant right on Thompson Bay where we are anchored. Nice folks own and operate the place. Jackie and Mike.
We hope to rent a car tomorrow and look at the interior of the island. We have heard it is a beautiful island. So far it is living up to it's reputation.
The folks are quite nice here. I bought fish this morning right off the boat. The fishermen were locals and were having a great time. Very friendly.
Fresh fish tonight and tomorrow and the day after. Hog Snapper and Nassau Grouper. Good fish!

Hope to have some good pics of the island in the next few days

Until then...