Friday, August 30, 2013

Today's Pic: We Got Crabs!


There's a real shortage of Blue Crabs this year and almost no one is selling them.
Three years ago, when we last visited the Chesapeake, big crabs were abundant and we could buy a dozen steamed for $25.00.

Locally famous Crab House, Cantler's, has Crab. They're $95 per doz, large... $75 for medium.

We called our buddy, Josh, and the three of us drove to the other side of the Severn River and found Cantler's.

That's another story in itself.

Expensive as they were, they tasted even better. A few beers, a mess of crabs, and a lot of fun.
After digging through a dozen of these critters, you need a shower.
Cantler's does offer an outdoor wash-down sink with soap and towels for cleanup.
We used it.

Good stuff... Really good stuff and a good time.
Eating a dozen crabs is an adventure.