Friday, May 15, 2009

Rachel's Bubble Bath

So on this day we took the dink over to Rachel's Bubble Bath. Radar really enjoyed the hike through the tidal stream called Rachel's Falls. Warm, shallow, and clear. He had a blast.

As you can see from the picture, Rachel's Bubble Bath only happens at high tide when the sea washes over the rocks and fills up a pool on the island side. If you're there at just right time you'll find it's natural effervescence is very cool.

Natural Born Hiker, A premier hiking web blog, had this to say about it.
Rachel’s Bubble Bath is the name given to one of the best swimming holes in the Caribbean, this deep, crystal clear, blue lagoon is the perfect destination for a spectacular hike.
Click here for the whole post and more pics>>> Rachel's

Then later back at the marina I got this pic of a couple of gulls. Not sure if they are fighting or flirting... or both.

We're having a bit of unstable weather which brings nice little tropical showers in between long periods of beautiful sunshine. This makes everything smell good and Istaboa has lost it's cover of salt and the stainless is shining again.
The winds are predicted to blow for a few more days so the marina is starting to fill up. Which means we will probably be here for a while longer.

We're lovin it.