Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still chillin

Been taking one of these everyday...

Crew Istaboa has caught a severe case of Islanditis.

Codi, Mel, and Radar from back in 2009

But our friends Codi and Brad along with their friends, JD and Amber, have been livening things up. We had a big time last night and today Tucker and I took Brad and JD out exploring, as Tucker put it.
We didn't catch a fish or even get a strike... I think that's why Tuck said we were going, "exploring".
We took the Albury south through the Land and Sea Park, passing Johnny Depp's island, and over to White Bay, which belongs to Tyler Perry, first to check on a possible WIFI hotspot opportunity.
That island is just the first stages of construction.

I think we will run back down to the park tomorrow, to a place called the Aquarium, and do some snorkeling.
So that's it... not much going on but existence, which is enough here.

I did take a few pics of Compass Cay's new beach house. What a view!