Friday, June 7, 2013

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I Guess The Buck Stops Here.

Many of you who read this blog have also gone on to read Marine Services Review. If you have, you know it was about accountability, or the lack of, in the Marine Services Business... or boat fixers is how I simply put it.

Well... something has gone awry.

I got a review comment a few days ago and I tried to log on and publish it, but a login box popped up I've never seen before.

 All the pictures you see on were taken by me and given, in good faith, to the former administrator of Yacht Blogs. In turn he gave me technical support while building Marine Services Review.

I typed in the user name and password as I have done in the past, but nothing happened. I hit cancel and got kicked out. Error 401 Authorization Required.
I searched for contact us and found nothing... I clicked features and

Error 404 - Page not found!

So I contacted Jacob, the fellow who convinced me to use Yachtblogs vs Blogspot, and he said he had sold it to someone and he didn't know how to contact them.
I sent a comment to another YachtBlogger and she told me the same thing was happening to her.
We've been locked out of our blogs and there is nothing, at this time, we can do about it.

Marine Services Review was about accountability... so I guess, with all said and done, I'm actually accountable for losing control of this review blog.
If you're a company that was reviewed, good or bad, and you've changed your ways, good or bad, I can't update my posted review. I apologize to those who have used this as a reference.

I promise to redo this blog using another, more stable, host. e.g. Blogspot

If you're the person or persons responsible for locking us out, shame on you. Consider this to be a bad review of Yachtblogs.

It won't be the first unless you give us back our sites.

What could anyone have to gain from this?

Oh yeah... Happy Weekend.



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