Tuesday, November 9, 2010

But not for long...

After an enjoyable few days at Gloucester Point, the bar/restaurant, and saying our see-ya-laters to friends there, we threw off the lines and made way south to the ICW and Atlantic Yacht Basin.
It was a very bumpy run down the bay but didn't last long. Peter on Morewater followed us down and now we're both tied up here. Pete made dinner that night. Apple Chorizo sausage in red sauce on Pasta with an Avocado salad. Excellent.
Then.... one phone call later and everything went to shit.
Without going into the personal details... Mel made hasty arrangements to fly into Memphis to take care of a bad situation that's making our near-future plans a bit nebulous.
But... Atlantic Yacht Basin is pretty cool in it's own funky way. It's a good boat yard, so maybe Istaboa has a little work done. New monitor for the Nav system and maybe I will finally replace that backup depth transducer that's been bugging me since we bought the boat.
Also... AYB, most of you cruisers know, is just south of a lock that only opens on the hour. This means in daylight hours—when the lock opens— it's a boat parade of cruisers like us heading south. I've seen many friends and acquaintances pass by for the last few days. Other than that, Radar and I have quietly enjoyed our guy time and been taking many long walks. 
Not much entertaining to write about but I did see this on the Huffington Post this morning.

Video inside... Worth watching.

Rare Pelagic Octopus, Hawaii