Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not much to post

Friends of Tucker

Not much going on right now. So we've been dark for a few days.
Fort Lauderdale is always a trip and we really like it here. We are waiting on our Insurance dude to give us an acceptable quote. Meaning... we may stay in Lauderdale during hurricane season if the numbers add up. We have always talked about having a place down here so this will be a good experiment.

The Girls of Compass Cay
Look closely and you will notice the ankle bracelets provided by Capt. Weemo.
Mother's day gifts.

Friends from Compass sent us some pics of one of the little soir'ees at the Green Flash Club. (the overhang next to the marina office.)

Of course, Radar had his picture taken. He loves the camera and the attention that goes with it.

It's been raining everyday since we have been here. Not bad though. Sunny in the morning followed by rain and a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

We have looked at Marina Bay which is up the New River in Ft Lauderdale. It looks like it would be fairly protected from the more serious blows that happen on occasions down here.

So.... We will keep you posted as to our new plans. More pics when the weather breaks.
There are a lot of beautiful boats everywhere you look.