Monday, February 20, 2012

Back aboard

Nothing blog for a few days, I haven't been feeling well, so we'll catch up now.

It was a really quick and worthwhile trip back to Memphis. Mel got to check on her Mom, I had a heart scan with a good outcome, and we received a very strong offer on Rocky Point. All of that in about 6 days.

The Rocky Point thing has bitter sweet connotations... It's such a beautiful place and we hate to leave it, but it does need someone else that will love the place and take care of it. We think the prospective buyers will do just that.

The place explodes with color in the spring.

And the memories we have will last forever... Imagine sitting in the green room, having morning coffee and watching such touching scenes as this... on a regular basis. We watched this doe raise her fawn all summer. She was almost a pet, we would put corn and water out for her while she was nursing her fawn.

But it's time for a change and a change is coming... A very little change arrived on the 16th.
Introducing our new little mate... Muddy.

Had his first night sleeping in the bed with the rest of us last night  and did well... No crying, no accidents, and Radar didn't protest to much.
Radar still hasn't embraced the little dude yet. Kinda grumbles when Muddy comes too close and even nipped him a couple of times, but he'll come around. This pup is just too damn cute to resist.

Seems while in Memphis I contracted what we Memphians call the "Memphis Mung". Which is a bad cold that tends to linger. Luckily I caught it on the way out of town and antibiotics along with the warm Florida sunshine cured me relatively quickly. Much better now.

Finally got our plumbing problem fixed. What should have been a 2 hour/200.00 problem took almost 2 months and $2000.00. I will have more to say about Randy Brenner and Sealand in the review section. This won't be a good review for Classic Marine and Mr. Brenner.

This is a long post, but ending on a more positive note, (no pun intended) I want to post a video of an acquaintance of ours and a good friend of my brother.  Wayne Jackson grew up just down the street in my home town of West Memphis, Arkansas  and went on to travel the world playing trumpet on 83 Gold and Platinum albums. He is half of the Memphis Horns. He created that special signature Memphis horn sound that many have imitated for years. He and Andrew Love are the Memphis Horns and this is Wayne accepting the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award last week.