Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue... Blue... Blue! and some green.

The weather has been better for a couple of days and we did get out to do some fishin, but as fishin usually goes, we came back with an empty fish box. Still had a good time.
Went down to Sampson Cay to purchase some gas for the Albury. The fuel boat hasn't been around the Exumas for a while and folks are rationing gas. Diesel is nowhere to be found, which is keeping boats at dock.

Sampson Cay Marina is a very pretty/well manicured marina with a general store and restaurant. More developed than Compass to say the least, but still a beautiful little island.

So after fueling we took off in hopes of fresh fish... Out through Sampson Cut the ocean was a little lumpy, but not bad.  With high expectations of fresh fish for dinner, we trolled and trolled... nada.
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