Monday, August 5, 2013

Sittin' at Solomons

We've enjoyed Solomons a lot. It's a quiet little place, even on a summer weekend. Remember the 70's rock band, Bad Company? The town put on an outdoor concert Friday and even that was peaceful. We could hear the music well and the crowd really enjoyed the show. Lots of applause.

Our Nephew Neil, stationed at Pax River NAS, and his friend Maria came by for dinner.
Neil's such a nice fellow. He loaned us his car for our stay and pitched in and helped me repair a faulty bilge pump switch. (I held the flashlight) He's very talented that way.

I figure if he can keep this (pic below) working, my bilge pump shouldn't be too difficult.

 P-8 Poseidon flying over Pax River NAS

We think Neil's adjusting well to Navy life ...

It was fun catching up with Neil... been a couple of years since we've seen each other.
His friends are very nice and they all seemed to have enjoyed their tour of the boat.

We're happy we had a planned stop so close to Neil's job; 2 weeks ago we had no idea he was here. Sometimes... things just work out.

Next visit we're promised a tour of the base.

Not sure what the next few days will bring... weather is a factor and we'll know more in the morning.



Today's Pic

Solomons Harbor