Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ahoy me buckos

It's rained everyday for a couple of weeks... like clockwork, the afternoon heat arrives and a storm follows it. But, because it's so predictable, we can usually plan around it.
Today we waited till the first round finished before walking round the riverwalk and over to the Pirate Fest.

But... The pirates have overtaken our little town and look to be enjoyin' their liberities.

Arrrrr... Me town has b'n o'er run by pirates

They're runn'n round like a blithering bunch o' rats...

Fight'n "Smoke 'em if yew got 'em, matey!" an' drink'n like fools.
Even "Nancy-Pants!" fight'n their lasses.

More, "ya' blisterin' ol' barnicles", on page 2