Thursday, October 3, 2013

Surf On-The-Go... and Cheap!

Will Finlay, the lead wireless engineer for onSpot WiFi sent me this little device to try out.
Not a new device, it's been out for a couple of years, but it's a new version and new to me.
It's essentially a WiFi hotspot in a box... at $100.00 from Amazon, it's a hell of a deal.

Within 10 minutes of powering it up I had a signal out at the faraway covered docks of Atlantic Yacht Basin and was surfing. Very simple setup.
It's not as powerful as the Rogue Wave antenna that's mounted on my radar arch, but it's performing well at AYB where, if you're inside your boat, you can't get an internet signal with a laptop alone.

Not a bad little device when compared to a $500.00 Rogue Wave Antenna plus the installation costs.
I took it up to the fly bridge, plugged it in, and it works well.

Check it out.

Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Web Access
Featuring an array of advanced connectivity options, the Pepwave Surf On-The-Go is one
powerful little solution for multi-device, multi-user, on-the-road wireless connectivity.
Use it as a Wi-Fi repeater to expand coverage over a wider area. Connect your 4G/3G
modem and use the Surf On-The-Go as a travel router. Make wired devices, such as
printers, play nice with wireless networks. And share a single paid Wi-Fi connection
among your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. With the Surf On-The-Go, you get all the
mobile connectivity tools you need in one easy-to-carry, simple-to-use device

Today's Pics

Finally found a few minutes to process some photos.

Boats on the Bay

Sojourn, a 55 Fleming
Shared the anchorage with us.

The anchorage at Fishing Bay was pleasant and uneventful. It's a pretty little anchorage, but known to the locals as one with less than desirable holding. We had no wind so we had no problems.

Fishing Bay Marina

The little marina next to the anchorage was quite a nice marina. Very quiet. We dropped the dink in and took the boys there for some dirt time.

Moving on, we stayed a short night at York River Yacht Basin, that's going through a major transition, then left for Portsmouth. Along the way the plan changed to passing Portsmouth and making way for Atlantic Yacht Basin.
Should have stuck to the original plan.