Sunday, October 13, 2013

Glum In The Gloom

Fn' rain.
Relentless Rain!

All the beautiful weather that was bestowed on us, all summer long, has moved somewhere else — forsaken us.
There's a low pressure system that has squatted over this area and seems to have taken root, seems to have set up residence.

Floating here in the back of the marina with our stern window facing out, our view is the little spit of land that those at AYB call a parking/storage area; It's really just a small wooded island with worn out gravel roads — when we do gape out, it's either raining, threatening to rain, or blowing rain.
We've become a bit stir crazy...
Even the boys don't care to go for a walk. A quick trot to their favorite spot, do their biz, and a quicker trot back to the boat where it's dry. Then, they go into a dormant mental state that I'm personally envious of.
Mel's taken to cleaning the boat as a way to dispose of the unwanted anxieties of boredom. There's nothing dirtier than an old boat yard.
I'm either doing a little business, writing, watching old movies or documentaries, taking pictures, or Photoshoping the reality out of some of the photographs I've taken in an attempt to make them more interesting.

We need to keep reminding ourselves that there's a purpose to all this sitting.

  • We've had some plumbing issues and we're fortunate we're at a yard and not in the middle of nowhere on the ICW.
  • Little maintenance projects have been done under a covered slip.
  • The weather's been blowin from here to Beaufort and further south. 
  • We need to be pulled out of the water to have the bottom painted.
  • We need to inspect our running gear. 
  • It's will save us more than a thousand bucks to have it done here and... 
  • It will be done much better at AYB than in S. Fla.
We should send ourselves a daily email to help us remember why we're just sitting here...  glum in the gloom.

This view of the outback of AYB never seems to change.

Hopefully, tomorrow we'll have a dry day and they can start to work.

There's so many boats passing by; all the marinas and anchorages south of us will be crowded so it's probably best we stay put. Maybe a nice hotel for a couple of days can pull us out of our funk.
It would be nice if we were out on the front row... at least we could watch all the boats as they pass by. When the horn blows at Great Bridge Bridge and there's always an interesting parade of boat that stop for fuel or just slowly pass as they're heading south to wherever.

View from the front row docks.

Then on top of all the gloomy weather — today, the Saints were beat in the last second of the game by the New England Patriots.
Damn... Tom Brady
Sorry... really, sorry.
Things could be and have been worse..... not whining... Venting?

Anyway — Here's to a dry Monday.

Thanks for checkin' on us.



Today's Pics

Baltimore, over the bow...

Still rainin', going back to sleep.