Saturday, January 28, 2012

And now we are 4....

Yup, a new member of Crew Istaboa will be coming aboard soon.
For Mel's birthday, she dug her heels in and insisted we have another critter. Radar and I resisted for as long a we could, but she was relentless and as usual... she won.

 Muddy Waters of Istaboa
He'll be known as Muddy

Mel flew up to Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Wednesday to check him out and of course she immediately fell in love. Another Havanese... and by the same breeder who gave us Radar. 

 Mel, Muddy, and Abby his mom, keeping an eye on the situation.

Premier Havanese is owned and operated by Carol Croop. She's a caring and knowledgeable breeder who takes Havanese very seriously. Only about 2 litters a year come out of Premier which means she does it for the love of the breed. Her passion is showing and improving the Havenese bloodline. She's doing an excellent job. 
Her daughter has Radar's father.... Radar Sr. 
Yes, Carol's daughter named our Radar because he looked like his father. To us, it seemed a fitting name for a boat dog whose owners were in the Marine Electronics biz. And, as a tiny pup he acknowledged the name... so Radar he is. And—he's probably gonna be really pissed when Muddy arrives. He's not used to competition on his boat, but we're sure in a short time he'll love the companionship. Who can resist a puppy, not even Radar. (we hope)

We can pick him up in three weeks... Carol likes to keep the pups for 8 weeks in order to start the training and socialization process. That's 2 weeks longer than most breeders, but we don't argue because of the wonderful job she did with Radar.

So here we go.... this should be interesting.



A video of Muddy, Carol, his mom Abby, and his siblings. Very short.