Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The times they were a changin

Found these pictures the other day... reminded me of the the life we had back in the sixties and how similar it is to what we are going through today.
We were in a futile war, the economy was tanking, and social injustice/racism was thriving. For us kids in those days... about the only job we could find was as a soldier.
One difference though... In those days we killed our leaders. Now we just assassinate their character.
These are some of the guys that helped us change those times through writing,song, and inspiration. Except for Popeye, who was the real hero and philosopher just because he was, what he was.

I wonder how many folks can remember who these guys are today. Not many young people will.

As for the crew Istaboa, we are safely back at Rocky Point. the recent rains have turned everything—incredibly and beautifully—green. We weren't affected by the floods but Nashville was really washed out.
Not so good news on the Mother thing, but I think we have caught a break on the business front. We will see.