Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Pic

We love dogs pics and we love elephant pics...

An elephant with a dog pic? Priceless.

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Big City To Little Town

Out of Baltimore...

And into St Michaels...

It was a beautiful day and a nice run to St Mikes, though a busy day on the Bay. We forgot that Sunday is a day to move for most boaters.

The Baltimore Ravens first home game drew a lot of boats into the city and the Downtown marina was the place to be; the place we were leaving. We even saw the Ravens owner's yacht ease by, appropriately named, 'Winning Drive'.

Not to mention it was a great day for sailing... so after being rolled around by the speedy power boats who were heading to the game, we had to thread our way through miles and miles of sailboats who all demand their right of way and seem to seek it out.

But, all in all, we easily made it into the Miles River and St. Michaels Harbor.

We immediately called old friends, Steve and Jayne, whom we once wintered with at Sunset Bay in Stuart, Fl; they were nice enough to come by and take us to dinner.
Radar was so surprised and happy to see Jayne, the treat lady, as she and Steve were walking down the dock.
Steve and Jane knew us well enough to presume we would enjoy some local fare vs. the tourist stuff so they took us to one of their favorite spots, a little place called Gina's.
It's a hip little cantina where we ate outside and enjoyed the perfect weather...  the fish tacos and Margaritas were excellent, the company was better.

Best of all, it was a blast catchin' up with old friends and these old friends are really fun. We've been promising to come visit for a few years and finally, we have.

Sunrise at St. Michaels Harbour.

So here we are in St Micaels, MD, tied up at the Harbour Inn Marina. 
It looks like it could rain a bit today... we love rainy daze.
And check out this forecast... 

 Fall is falling.