Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today's Pics

The homes...

Nephew Niel and I took the dink into town to check out the Naval Academy only to find; on this day there was a line to get in that would've taken us 2 hours to get through. We went to Pussers World Famous bar on ego alley for an early beer.
Getting past Back Creek and the entrance to Spa Creek was pretty sloppy on a Labor day weekend so we thought we'd take advantage of the smoother waters behind the bridge and check out some of the homes along the water's edge.

Nice diggs!

Neil's favorite


It was a fun day and I think Neil found it all interesting.  Then, he headed back to base at Pax River. He's a nice fellow and we enjoy his company.

We've mellowed into a nice existence here in Annapolis. We did get the boat waxed and had a diver do the bottom. She needed it badly.

The weather, other than a couple of hot days, has been excellent and it's forecast to get better. It's getting to be that time of year in this part of the world. 
Funny, though, kinda like Pickwick Lake in Tennessee... after Labor Day, folks almost quit boating.... just when the weather is becoming really nice. Football, maybe?
Oh well... good for us.

Downside to all this, Radar's and my allergies are going insane.
We think that'll be better when we're back in S. Fla with Palm trees and beaches.