Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneakin away...

Keeping it quiet until the last minute seems to be the best strategy for our situation. Every time we announce plans ahead of time, something stops us dead in our tracks.
So it seems like a fast break will give us a much needed respite. It's time to go liven up Istaboa for a few days. Unfortunately not the islands yet... but Stuart is not at all bad after the last few obligations we've dealt with.
So, Grandson is coming to visit Grandmother and bringing the new Great Grandson. (My mother is as excited as she can be.) The next weekend... The good son (my brother) is coming in for a visit. So it seems the mother front is all battened down for a couple of weeks. (X'd fingers.)
We are out of here.

Good timing too... We'll be on hand for Memorial day festivities in downtown Stuart and the inauguration of the merge between Capt. Will's Smoky Dog BBQ and Mrs. Peters Smoke Fish. A momentous occasion. This smokin mash-up will produce, for the good people of the Stuart area, the culinary equivalent of Smoked Nirvana. Pig an Fish!! 

Excitedly Adios,