Thursday, February 5, 2009

Radar's buddy Uno

Mel, Radar, and Uno.
Puppy fest!


This is Radar's new buddy Uno. He is also a Havanese and as you can see the Havanese breed loves each other's company. It's very peculiar how they instinctively understand they are somehow related... who knows, maybe a they have a language others can't perceive. Radar has only played like this with one other dog and she was also a Havanese. He has lots of dog friends but they don't seem to connect quite this way.

They have played like this for a couple of days.

Uno was born in Budapest, Hungary then brought to his new home in the USA
What a cute little guy. Radar will miss him when we leave.

Which should be Saturday. We will miss Ft Myers like we miss all of our favorite places. We will come back here also.

Next stop somewhere along Lake Okeechobee.
Gators and Bugs!



Downtown Fort Myers

Dave on his Albury Brothers 20

Back to blogging again...
As we rounded Sanibel Island and made way into San Carlos Bay; there was our old friend Dave from the Sea Spray days waiting for us. He is tied up at Sanibel Marina. So he took his runabout out to see us.
We are a little too deep drafted for that marina so we decided to head into the Caloosahatchee River and downtown Ft Myers.

The Caloosahatchee has a very narrow and shallow channel so we really had to pay attention.
Dolphin were jumping in our bow wave and I guess the tourist thought it was OK to stop in our path to take pictures. As I tried to wave them out of the way they just took my picture also.

But like we have always said... All's well that ends well.
After tying up we were rewarded with this beautiful sunset.

Downtown Fort Myers has recently been renovated and they did a fine job of it. Lots of good restaurants, bars, and art galleries. It's all within 3 blocks of the marina. Not to mention a brand new Publix supermarket just a couple of blocks away.
We have found this funky little place called Sub and Pub to be our favorite spot for lunch. Great burgers and Fries. A Grouper's Cousin Sandwich and Salad. (it's Talapia) It's Blackened and delicious.
The folks staying at the Marina all have dogs for the most part. So Radar is quite welcome.
Some of the folks here have actually kept up with our blog for the last couple of years. They all knew Radar and were aware of Sadie's passing. Very nice folks. Donnie and Marilyn aboard "Kasey's Choice" sympathized with us as they had recently lost their dog "Kasey".
There are even a couple of boats from Memphis. John aboard "Emery El" and Jerry's boat "Expensive Habit".
Another thing we have enjoyed is the Farmer's Market on Thursdays. It just next door and has fresh produce as well as fish and crabs.
So all in all... We really like Legacy Harbor Marina and Downtown Ft Myers.



ps... Radar has a new little Havanese buddy named Uno. They have been wearing each other out for the last couple of days. Nan, Uno's person, lives in the Condos next to the marina. Pics to come soon.