Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Underwater Crop Circles? + Navigation Software Rant!

Source:spoon-tamago, Deep Sea Mystery, A Love Story
Saw this surfing around a few days ago and thought I'd pass it along.

Aliens of the Deep? No... 

All done by a Puffer Fish. 
A very interesting article here.

Now it's back to rebuilding our whole computer navigation system... I've been an Apple guy for so long now that Windows is truly foreign to me. Drivers and virtual com ports? I'm relearning more than I ever wanted to know.
And... Oh Yeah! A bit of a  rant... 
Nobletec, with whom I used for more than 10 years and spent more than $10K with now informs me I must junk all my nav software and charts and buy all new stuff. No more updates! Start all over again!
So I will, but I'll go with Rose Point's Coastal Explorer instead. I'll still have to redo the whole system, but they're giving me an upgrade, from a package I bought back in 2002, for $99.00 instead of the 399.00 it normally costs. NOAA Charts are included for free and C-Map charts for the Bahamas are relatively inexpensive compared to Nobletec.  Who needs 3D charting anyway?
So there Nobletec, take that!

Rant over.



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