Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Memphis Thangs

It was an excellent afternoon for taking pictures. There's something special about the late afternoon light that paints the buildings in downtown Memphis as the sun is shining it's last beams. Maybe it's the far angle of reflection off the river... don't know, but it's an interesting illumination.

As I stood along Front Street, composing a shot of an old building that once belonged to a friend's family, I noticed someone in a window looking down at me.

After snapping off a pic, I noticed this girl was not moving much... then I realized... Ha! 
Enlarge to check her out.

It's a joke... she's a manikin.
One more of the American Queen

Taken from the River Walk up on the bluffs, this photograph kinda says it all...

Actually, I've got several more that make up a panorama of all that's Downtown Bluff City.



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