Sunday, July 21, 2013

Da Boyz

Little Mud has adapted well to the boat life. 
Radar, as always, loves the docks,the folks, and life on the boat; but crank up and hit the thrusters, ... he's in the bed.

and down the dock was another nice fellow.

Boat neighbors

Always wanted to see this boat.

It's on the next dock here at Morehead Yacht Basin.

Today's Pic

With high winds and more of the above, we may get to know Morehead City better than we'd previously planned.

Dinner at Floyd's last night was as good as described by the folks at the marina.
Saturday night had the place jammed so we sat at the bar and enjoyed the company of locals. The bartender was a pro and the food was good. Very friendly folks here at Morehead City.

Thanks for checkin' in on us.