Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our Last Day In The Bahamas, Ends At Carriearl

On this morning, Mel had set her sights on going to Carriearl Restaurant for lunch.

So, guess what? We went to Carriearl for lunch.

We'd never been and had planned on doing brunch there Sunday, but circumstances have a tendency to change and they did. So... lunch instead.
Marty, one of the proprietors, drove to the marina and, as he put it in his British way, collected us. A nice fellow; he and his wife Angie are the owner/operators of Carriearl.
While cruising around the Bahamas we'd heard good things about this little boutique hotel/restaurant at Great Harbour and the reports rang true. Lunch was excellent. Not the Bahamian fare we've come to expect, I had Welsh Rarebit with crispy prosciutto over toasted fresh baked bread. Mel enjoyed a Caesar Salad dotted with very small Crab Cakes. All was prepared nicely and served to us in this very interesting sun room. (Enlarge the photo)
Yet another nice surprise we've discovered and enjoyed while at Great Harbour Cay.

Marty and Angie have decorated the place as a well traveled couple would. The walls have many interesting little oddities, memorabilia, and art pieces that have been tastefully placed and hung nicely.

The blue tiled pool with a contrasting white mosaic Rooster at the bottom overlooks the beach and ocean. All in all, it's an eclectic/bohemian little island hideaway kinda place that's a must visit often for us when we return.
Marty and Angie are also a very pleasant couple; we enjoyed spending time with them.

Yeah, yeah...    Mel was right, again.

But —

It appears our sensible side, oddly enough, has beat out our whimsical nature.
Our new plan is to do a 130 mile run back to Lake Worth Inlet and home. 13 hours unless the Gulf Stream gives us a lift and we make up some speed. Dark to almost dark. The weather's predicted to be nice. We'll see.

We've enjoyed Great Harbour Cay again, it's now on our list of places that we will return to every time we're in the Bahamas. Hopefully a longer stay next time.

So that's it for this year's cruise through the Bahamas and so far, it's been a great trip.

Sad? No. — There's no place like home.