Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pic Of The Day... again, not mine

Nope not mine... just saw it on Reddit. Said it was taken this morning on the Chesapeake.
Nice pic!

I'm happy to say I went down in the engine room to clean the new isolated A/C strainer and after almost a week in this St Lucie River muck... It was spotless. Kinda scary actually.  I used the new flushing system and that worked nicely also. Maybe we've finally cracked the code to maintaining clean waterlines.
James Knight's Yacht Tech crew really did a good job. Quick, correct, expensive... but done right. Now we can go back to the islands confident that our A/C's will continue to work while we're there. Late summer in the Exumas requires air conditioning or it will be a miserable paradise, for us anyway.

Proposed a new Wireless Internet Network for Sunset Bay and got radically mixed reactions. I really don't want to be responsible for the internet here, but it's really slow and unstable so someone needs to do something or we need to move somewhere else until they do. Too bad, this is really a first class marina, but technologically, they're still in the 20th century. Seriously, it as slow and spotty as dial-up. Our Verizon Wireless Card is just as slow. Being next to the huge Roosevelt Bridge may be the problem and AT&T Wireless is the same on this side of the bridge.

Some of you are probably wondering why we care so much about being connected, there are those who hope to someday cut the lines of communication and live on a boat. Well.... I still kinda work, would love to download and stream movies, and it's more difficult than you think to just drop out. Cruising and the internet really compliment each other quite nicely.

For us anyway...



Oh yeah... All that stuff that was and still is missing off our finger dock, it seems everyone thought we had left and weren't returning... scavengers me thinks. Like my friends on Broulee said, lock it or lose it!