Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Want to own an island?

Leaf Cay's harbor

Yesterday we and some friends took a runabout over to Sampson Cay for lunch. After lunch, Don from Bold Pursuit, said, "lets go look at some real estate". So we plotted a course for Leaf Cay.

Aerial view

It turns out our friend Don was seriously considering purchasing the island (for business reasons) and has had a tour before. We hailed the caretaker and he was kind enough to give us another walk through.
Leaf Cay is, at first glance, a beautiful little island but after further inspection it's much more.
The owner has spent millions of dollars to make this island a survivalist's dream.
I have copied an excerpt from an article that ABC news did in 2007.

Jack Halcomb bought the island in 1986 for $650,000 and said he has made $25 million worth of improvements to the property since he first moved in and ran his business sometimes from the Bahamas.

He sold electronic surveillance equipment to the military and law enforcement agencies, and initially ran the company in Florida before moving the business to his island. In 1992 he sold the company, Audio Intelligence Devices, to Westinghouse. Halcomb now lives on a Kentucky ranch and has a Florida business financing aircraft, and said it is now time to sell his piece of paradise.

"I'm 79 and I had trouble with skin cancer," Halcomb said. "The doctors ordered me to get out of the sun. … They said: get rid of the island or make funeral arrangements."

The owner has stocked the island with enough food to last a couple of years and the island's cisterns will hold 175,000 gallons of water. But there is so much more. It's worth your time to read the ABC article... Click here>>Leaf Cay

Here is another article out of the LA Times>>Leaf Cay 2

This island compound reminded me of the TV series, Lost... I kept looking around for the Dharma Project logo.

The internet has been spotty so we will be back when we can.

Till then...