Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catchin up

Can feel the season starting to slow a bit. The Mega-yachts aren't dominating the marina, folks are moving north, slowly making their way back to the states, Staniel Cay Yacht Club marina was giving slips away for free if you came in for dinner and 4th of July festivities, even got rain late yesterday.
There are only two of us cruiser types that have made no plans yet. Crew Istaboa and Marv and Carol aboard Dee-Light... I think it's a standoff to see who leaves first.
But none of this has stopped us from doing what we enjoy most. Yesterday we ran over to Sampson to visit our old dock neighbors from Pickwick. We accidentally ran into them a few days ago. Fellow Memphians, Doug and Pam, aboard Triple Treat. Nice folks who just bought a new boat and this is their first run in it. It's truly a beautiful vessel. We had lunch then took the Albury over to the park and did some snorkeling. Fun day.
Then last night was our 4th of July Potluck and fireworks show. All the usual suspects were there. The Fratelli Crew, Josh and Bryan... aka Biscuits and Gravy... Marv and Carol, Russ and Molly, Loan, Tucker, Dave, Radar, Autumn, Preston, even the Barcardi crew showed, but it started raining, then only the die-hards stayed. It was a typical Compass Cay celebration... extremely casual.

30,000' perspective

This is where we are... now you see why we love it so much. So much blue. Guess it's not for everybody, some folks enjoy a little more development. e.g. restaurants and shops. For us this is it. Peace and quiet. Blue and bluer.
One of the yacht captains, who frequents Compass carrying charter, even said yesterday, "Don't you guys ever leave?" Our reply, "Not till they make us. Whoever they are."

The only downside to this island life, if you want to call it a downside, is that manana state of mind... or as a learned friend recently put it — cognitive dissonance.
May be, but you know what?  It's not bad.
Sometimes I think, we all think too much. Sometimes I think, we all need a mental flush. A little thought fasting never hurt anyone if done in moderation.
Reality is still out there and waiting to grab hold. For us? — just not yet.

But for now, we are enjoying our little place in the sun.

Pretty soon we will, once again, follow that gull back across the Gulf Stream to the land of Best Buys and Costcos, but this time I don't think we will stay long. Were working on plans to be back here for a while. 
There are folks over here who really need our services. Who really appreciate the work we do because it makes their life much easier and less expensive.
Tucker was amazed when he picked up one of the phones we've installed and was able to make a call to his little daughter in Germany. His old phone system, which rarely works, is very expensive for international calling.

It's kinda like icing on the cake. Here we are in our favorite place in the world, making a difference. Making things better. That's a good feeling, feeling like we belong. We may become card carrying Paradisians. We shall see.

We shall see, indeed.