Friday, May 27, 2022

All Things Must Pass

All things must pass 

None of life's strings can last

So, I must be on my way
And face another day
George Harrison once wrote these lyrics...  
A lot has passed in the two years since my last post. 
Sadly, we lost our best friend and mate, Radar. Life aboard Istaboa was never the same without him. There's not a day goes by we don't think about the old boy.

COVID put and end to the company I started way back in 1994. The good news? All the longtime employees landed on their feet, some are doing better, a few retired.  
Fortunately, the little marina wifi company, onSpot, is thriving and better than ever.


And so, we handed over stewardship of Istaboa to her new owners. It was an awfully painful day, but it was time. There were many reasons and justifications for the sale, but time has a way of changing everything — we are not yachtistas.  
Still, our many memories are vivid and will be cherished.

Istaboa is now "Realm". She's living on the Chesapeake Bay, hopefully being taken care of and loved as much as she was during our time with her.
As George wrote all those years ago... We must be on our way and face another day. 

Adios, Istaboa - you served us well for 16 years - we were so lucky to have had you in our life.

However, we're not ones to sit on our hands and reminisce. 

This is our new mode of travel. We've not given our little motorhome a name, and probably won't, but we're looking forward to seeing and experiencing many of the places one can't get to via boat. This life is somewhat different, but essentially the same. We're finding RVers are very approachable folks, friendly, and seem happy to help when help is needed. 

Today, we're in Hot Springs, Arkansas —tomorrow we're heading west to wherever and hoping our new ride will scratch our travel itch.
I started this blog in 2007 - What a wonderful trip it's been 



Bob and Mel (and Muddy)