Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is -paranormal- normal in an old Memphis bar?

 (To set this up, one must think—Twilight Zone theme song— and imagine Rod Serling narrating)

The above pic is a second in time captured inside an old brothel turned drinking hole, using an night vision photoshop action.  The main bar saloon at Earnestine and Hazel's on South Main Street in Memphis, TN. has always been reputed to be a haven for souls of the long past.  These photos actually show what appears to be a pair of anomalies engaging in a game of billiards...
Or not.

The same pic taken on the same day just minutes before the ghostly game of pool.
No shit!

“There is nothing in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on.”
Rod Serling

Really, I took these months ago and yesterday started playing around with different actions just because they were such boring shots. Never saw the ghostly looking characters before adding the night vision effect.
du-du-du-du-... du-du-du-du,,,,



You never know...

What you'll find in the Keys.
Used to be a few square grouper, Cuban refugees, and crab traps.
Now this?

Today's Pic

Blue Angels practicing above Ft. McCrae anchorage, Pensacola, Fla