Thursday, February 9, 2012

Road trip to Memphis

Oh shit!!
Why are we here?

Back in Memphis again.... Long road trip... We made a mistake leaving Stuart when we chose the shortest route on our Navigation System. They should have said Scenic Route That Takes Forever. Anyway we left Stuart heading for Mexico Beach, Fl on the panhandle. Our route took us across the state then along the northern gulf coast all the way around. Even though we thought it would never end, it was cool passing through some of the old fishing villages like Carrabelle and Apalachicola. 

Radar takes it all in stride.

Went by to see Mel's brother in Mexico Beach. He took us out to dinner at Killer Seafood. It's a funky little Seafood diner/beer joint on the outskirts of town that's a local fave. It's all fresh and really good.

Soft Shell Crab... Panhandle Style
Very Tasty!!

So, other than a tiring run, it was largely uneventful. 
Although along the way——Some of you may remember my rant about Mr. Chase Camacho and Florida Yacht Interiors.  Yes, there will be another update.
He called me as we were driving. It's kinda funny, I thought he would be pissed about the painfully honest review I wrote about him and his company, but that didn't bother him. He was furious about my pointing out the humor in his picture with the 2 Bikini clad girls at one of his "charity events". Not sure why... it was his picture he posted on the internet, I just reposted it and added a bit of tongue and cheek satire.
So I guess it's okay to trash his company, his service, and his product, but make fun of his charity... and you make him mad.
Okay Chase... after thinking about that a bit. I apologize if it appears I was making light of your favorite charity... I was actually poking fun at you, not your charity. As a matter of fact, I will even put a link here and let those who read this make up there own minds. Here's the link. 
It's actually a nice little site and they do seem to want to take underprivileged children out fishing and show them a good time.  
Also... Chase, if you would care to rebut my review, I post comments without editing them.
So in the middle of this boring run north through Alabama, Captain Chase, you livened things up... and for that we thank you.

Ever day has a little drama I guess.