Thursday, October 17, 2013

Today's Pic

Shot over the bow... AYB

High and dry... 10' in the air... in a gravel parking lot, makes for a unusual perspective for my "Shots Over The Bow" collection.

The rain has finally moved on so the work has begun.

We've all enjoyed the hotel. Aloft is a different kinda hotel... a Euro design in a box and that's nice, A good bar with a great happy hour, and they're very dog friendly. Our room is a door away from the dog walking lot, can't beat that.

We're in the middle of what we call MallVille. Every town has at least one. Everything you want to eat, drink, or wear is within a half mile. We went to see "Gravity" yesterday just to treat ourselves after 8 days of sitting in the rain. Incredible effects. 3D is a trip... really made us duck a couple of times. The movie? Well... the effects were excellent and should be seen in a theater with big screen and big sound.
Ladies, You probably won't like it.

We should be back on the boat late tomorrow... we're told, but if not... the hotel life has been a nice break.