Thursday, July 7, 2016

Marina By Marina

Before leaving home we noticed an addition to the menagerie.   This pretty little Dove has setup housekeeping on a light fixture out next to the pool.

We're sure she'll appreciate our absence. We startle the hell out of her (or him) every morning when letting the dogs out the back door.

So, restarting our Marina Tour after a short hiatus that produced a shiny new dink atop Istaboa, we left our little abode in Jupiter and made way south.
Starting at North Palm Beach Marina, where we stayed a few days doing a bit of work, we left for Bahia Mar in Ft Lauderdale.

4th of July at Bahia Mar is a busy, crowded, very noisy celebration. Though I didn't see the fireworks, the reports shook the boat for about 30 minutes. The show was just across the street at the beach.

After a couple of days there, minding to biz and enjoying company, we've moved on.

Having never run the ICW south of Ft Lauderdale, I've been warned about shallows, but that hasn't been an issue yet. Bridges? Yes... but once you time one, the rest fall into order. Just idle through and you'll hit them all as they're opening... so far.

Today, we're in Hollywood at Loggerhead Marina.  A nice marina with a friendly staff and Hollywood is surprisingly cool. Just a few miles south but a totally different environment than Ft Lauderdale.
There's a huge Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Spa complex here, (we'll pass on that) and we motored by the famously funky Saloon Le Tub . (looks like our kinda place)
Cut from Le Tub's site:
Established November 2nd 1959 as a Sunoco gas station.... Closed by the energy crunch of the early seventies, your Host purchased the barren property in 1974 and dedicated a concentrated year personally hand building LeTub totally of Flotsam, Jetsam and ocean borne treasures all gathered daily over 4 years of day break jogging on Hollywood Beach. All landscaping, planting and decor by your host.

About Let Tub

Today, we'll stay in Hollywood — doing what we do.
Me thinks our new dink will be splashed and a famous Le Tub burger enjoyed.

Tomorrow? Another marina. Loggerhead Aventura. 2 miles away.

Different than our usual summer cruise, but so far so good.

Next up - - Miami, The Keys... and ?? — We'll see

I know, I know — all work and no play — Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.