Friday, April 27, 2012

That's interesting

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After this move, I hope Mel and I will always embrace this concept. The disassembling of the life we've built up during the last 20 years is truly a daunting task. A task we hope not to repeat.

Minimalism: A style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

The beginning of the end has started.
The movers showed up yesterday to do the preliminaries; staging, boxing of kitchen junk, and the few clothes we have left.
Goodwill's inventory has shot up with all the goods we didn't sell at Melissa's yard sale.
A consignment store has accepted most of the furniture that we're not leaving with the house. They put good prices on our stuff, more than I thought it was worth, but appropriately priced according to a interior designer friend. Oh well, one man's junk...

The puppies are wondering what the hell is going on, especially Radar. All his comfy spots keep disappearing and he's really gonna be pissed when his favorite couch vanishes on Saturday.  It doesn't seem to bother little Muddy so much, he just finds new things to chew on so he's happy.

So now we're just camping out awaiting the end of the end and the beginning of a totally new way of life while ashore. Our little loft in the sky.

It's interesting, look out one window and see the old abandoned Tennessee Brewery and the Mississippi River... Look out the other and see the former Rivermont Hotel where I played my first real gig.

The Tennessee Brewery was founded in 1885 and produced Goldcrest 51 which was a premium beer at the time. Now the building is abandoned, but the walls have been taken over by local artists.
Read  here _The Tennessee Brewery_ and check out the photo gallery that accompanies the article. Actually very interesting.

Art adorns the walls of the old brewery.

So that's what's up with us... Dismantling the past and starting anew.

Minimalism... Minimalism... Minimalism

Gotta keep reminding myself.



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