Friday, March 1, 2013

Today's Pic

Happy Friday!
From the focus of this pic, it appears we may have started the weekend... early.

 I know, I know.... It also appears we're not doing anything other than posting pics from our past adventures and blogging about such mundane crap as the Grammy Awards, but there is motivation for our slothiness... returning this boat to as near new shape as possible has been our goal for the last year or so. 

She just rounded 10 and in boat years, most of you know — that puts her at about 50+ in human years. So a little work is prudent... a nip/tuck here and there, the replacement or rejuvenation of a few vital organs, and she'll not only be looking good, but also ready for whatever we throw at her. And, where in the world can you get better nip/tuck work done than Palm Beach, the beaches of the rich and famous.

We've now been the caretakers/occupiers of Istaboa for 8 years and she's become a much loved part of our family. She's never let us down and due to lots of love and attention, money and sweat, she's prettier and more capable than she was when we first spotted her — here in Palm Beach oddly enough.

I'll do some pics of the interior soon, she's really looking good. An update to Istaboa's Refit is due.
New cushions that have been done very nicely, we cleaned the carpet after deciding to do one more cruise with little Mud before replacing it. (He's made no mistakes in quite a while, but let's not tempt fate by purchasing new carpet.) I've bought a new 17" Raymarine Ultra-bright display off Ebay (That's a story.) for the navigation system and a Mac Mini off Craigslist (yet, another story.) that I'm testing for the Nav system. So far I've only used the Mac Mini for streaming "House of Cards" off  Netflix that our new Rogue Wave WiFi amplified antenna's download speed has allowed us to enjoy. While in Stuart we had a fellow fabricate a sunshade that didn't stand the test of time so we're having it redone properly and permanently because we enjoy hanging out in a shaded cockpit so much. Of course, there's been lots of polish and shining on stainless, a few more coats of AwlBrite on the teak cap rail, A/C waterlines replaced and re-plumbed, hydraulics checked out and some lines replaced, flushed out the keel cooler and fresh coolant, clean fuel filters, a load of 2000 gallons of diesel, and all motors have fresh filters and oil.
We're almost ready.

Now we sit doing our due diligence, tying up loose ends, and trying to focus on a plan. 

So far the plan goes like this:
  1. We're going for a boat ride soon.
  2. ... ?
These days:
We have our nose pointed out toward Lake Worth. This vantage point gives us a front row seat's view of the anchorage that many cruising folk use as a staging area just before jumping over to the islands. During these typical northern blows that, like clockwork, plague the east coast during the winter, Lake Worth can really fill up with Bahama bound boats. Then the wind dies, we wake up... look out... and they're all gone. 
Off they go, bounding across the gulf stream heading to the Bahamas where they will sit on anchor being blown around or tied up at an expensive marina, buying Bahamian water and electricity, only to have island hopping weather a day or two a week... or sometimes a month. 
We know, we've done it and had a blast, at our liver's expense, but a lot of fun and we wouldn't trade anything for the friends and memories(?) we made while enduring what one of my Bahamian friends calls, "Whiskey Weather". (Junior operates Seaspray Marina in the Abacos where he does a lot of business when the wind blows and we boater types just sit at the bar and drink for entertainment.)
So, now we're tied up at a fancy marina in the US and enjoying all that Palm Beach has to offer. That's a lot—and it's not nearly as expensive. Who can complain about sitting in Palm Beach? Who would listen if we did? Our time is coming, we're not sure exactly when yet, but soon. 
So today... We'll drive our car downtown to a theater and catch a matinee, then stop at the grocer and pick up something fresh to make for dinner or go enjoy one of the many fine restaurants in the area.
Simple pleasures? 

Thanks for checking up on us.

Here's to a great weekend!