Monday, April 15, 2013

Today's Pic

and a story...

Kinda looks to be sitting low in the stern, we thought.
I remember the first time we saw the above vessel. She was on a mooring ball at Sunset Bay in Stuart, Fla. and appeared to be taking on water. We thought it prudent to bring her to the attention of the folks in charge of the mooring field so they could investigate, but we soon found out, that's how she floats. 
Over our few years at Sunset bay we heard many stories about this boat and talked with Rose, who gave us a little background about the boat and their life aboard, but never with Steve, the Captain and owner. We saw him often as he was was frequently and tirelessly running back and forth in his skiff transporting parts and assorted mechanical oddities, but we never struck up a conversation and never got to know him. He was and probably still is a quiet fellow; and as we suspected, they're quite an interesting couple.

Mel found an article today and forwarded it to me. 

Steve Cummings has been messing around boats his entire life. All kinds of boats. His current work-in-progress adventure is Silent Thunder, a 65-foot former Army T-Boat, where he and his wife Rose make their home.
Living on the west coast of Florida, the couple was ready for a lifestyle change – they wanted to spend time on the water again. They searched far and wide to find the perfect vessel.
“We wanted a big, roomy boat at a reasonable price,” said Steve. “I figured we would have to do a lot of work on anything we found which suited us.”
Their search ended in November, 2008 in Hempstead, North Carolina where they found T-Boat 453, then named Cormorant.
the rest of the article here>>> Cummings Brings Army T-Boat Back to Life