Friday, March 29, 2013

It's A Long Weekend!

Easter Weekend!

Thank ya... Thank ya vera much... for checking on us.

Have a good holiday.

and... for your listening pleasure, an unusual rendition of Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Chile.



PS: Easter Whales

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wine Dive... W. Palm Beach

Met up with Compass Cay friends, Bart and Nat, and Sandy, last night for food and drinks at Wine Dive on Clematis — which is right in the middle of downtown W. Palm. 
Nice area, we like it a lot. Reminded us of downtown Memphis.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sheepshead Fish has human teeth, but it's okay because it won't give a psychedelic crisis??

Some very weird stuff out there... click here

Cut from this very peculiar article about Sheepshead fish — which by the way are quite tasty.
Despite the way it looks, the sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) has at least one thing going for it. While other members of the Sparidae family are trying out various forms of hermaphroditism, including changing from female to male (protogyny), doing the opposite (protandry), or being unisexual (gonochorists), the sheepshead is just sitting at home watching cartoons and leaving its genitals where they are. So that’s something.
Hmmm... Salema Porgy, sounds interesting.
Hope everybody's having a great weekend.



Who Dat?

Dat's Jimi Hendrix!

On the left, with the King Kasuals in Seattle.

Fascinating Photos of Great Musicians’ Earliest Musical Endeavors

Today's Pic

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is -paranormal- normal in an old Memphis bar?

 (To set this up, one must think—Twilight Zone theme song— and imagine Rod Serling narrating)

The above pic is a second in time captured inside an old brothel turned drinking hole, using an night vision photoshop action.  The main bar saloon at Earnestine and Hazel's on South Main Street in Memphis, TN. has always been reputed to be a haven for souls of the long past.  These photos actually show what appears to be a pair of anomalies engaging in a game of billiards...
Or not.

The same pic taken on the same day just minutes before the ghostly game of pool.
No shit!

“There is nothing in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on.”
Rod Serling

Really, I took these months ago and yesterday started playing around with different actions just because they were such boring shots. Never saw the ghostly looking characters before adding the night vision effect.
du-du-du-du-... du-du-du-du,,,,



You never know...

What you'll find in the Keys.
Used to be a few square grouper, Cuban refugees, and crab traps.
Now this?

Today's Pic

Blue Angels practicing above Ft. McCrae anchorage, Pensacola, Fla

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today's Pic

 Things to do in Alabama... Throw fish.

Cut from The official website of the Florabama's Interstate Mullet Toss

What is a Mullet Toss?

It's like a big flash mob on the beach where a fish throwing event breaks out.

A Mullet Toss consists of individuals on the beach throwing a mullet, from a 10-foot circle in Alabama across the state line into Florida. Not to mention a great excuse to throw a weekend long party, with lots of fun activities, great music and food!
This year's event will feature local celebrities tossing out a few fish at noon, each day (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

And yes, we were there in April of 2008. 
Are you experienced?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Radar's Birthday

Today, he's 8
Happy Birthday Radar
(Pic from his lounge singer days when he was just a young dawg.)

Cat pics?

Normally, we don't post internet cat pics... but this one's not quite normal.

A grouper is examined by three kittens at Marineland in Florida, 1938.
Photograph by Luis Marden, National Geographic

Today's Pic

One of our favorite places... Baysprings Lake, Mississippi

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Too Much Stuff

I can relate... we try to de-stuff, but it always builds back up.

For our old buddy and honorary member of the crew, Pete

Today's Pic

Pics by Dave from aboard Drift Away. 
Around Brunswick, Georgia

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Remember these guys?

They're back and bigger than ever.

Today's Pic

 Sunrise in Maine
 Two shots by Deb Smith from aboard Broulee... The top photo won an award.

Sunrise—Atlantic Yacht Basin, Chesapeake, VA

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's Pic


It was thirty years ago today... Our 30th Anniversary... On this day in 1983, Melonie and I were married.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's Pic

I'm On A Boat
I'm next to "I'm On A Boat"
—Never Say Never

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Huge Day!!

As of this day, 3-3-2013, we have a baby Granddaughter.

Happy Birthday, Maddox Dawn Taylor... aka Maddie

Congratulations, Lindsey, Mason, and Silas.... and Murphy.