Sunday, April 19, 2009

A do-nothing day

Total Return at Anchor
This is a pic of another 57 Nordhavn we are traveling with. We have known Russ and Molly for a few years. Actually met them in Tennessee at Pickwick. They were doing the Great Loop and stopped at Grand Harbor.
It's nice to have a another boat to travel with.


The Entrance to St Paul's Church

Sunrise this morning

We didn't go on the island tour with Russ and Molly yesterday. The winds were howling so we just hunkered down and had a down day. Nice to do sometimes...

Today the winds are still howling and it looks like our weather window on Monday just got smashed. The real problem is Long Island Breeze, which is the Center of the Universe here on Salt Pond, is closing. Oh No...No Net...No Pizza... No Chicken Souse...No Rum.
Oh well we will survive somehow.

Until next time... whenever that may be.