Monday, April 6, 2009

Return to Compass Cay

We left HighBorne early putting Istaboa in Compass on a nice rising tide. Everyone was glad to see us and collect their supplies we had brought from Nassau. Tucker welcomed us home which made us feel good.
They had already put together a party and we had just enough time to make up an appetizer.

On a spring hightide at the Marina's fish cleaning station the tide rises above the walk. If you throw out a few scraps of fish the sharks will become playful and let you pet them. Sometimes they will lay across the walk to be fed and have their back scratched.

As you can see.

Mel has a deeply seated fear of Sharks. I am hoping this will ease a bit now. She says next she will get in to swim with them. We'll see.

Then everyone shows up with a dish and the party begins. Compass Cay is a great equalizer. Folks on megayachts, folks on small boats, and everything in between socialize with no prejudices. The talk is usually about some beautiful place they have in common, they have found, or they want to go. Not much about politics or the economy is uttered, which is nice. We simply don't think about those things while we're here.

So today is nice. A lite breeze is blowin and a few clouds will help keep the temps down. It looks promising.

Until later...