Friday, September 6, 2013

Today's Pic

I got nothing... Still in Annapolis, but not doin' anything exciting. Nothing interesting to say or take pictures of.

But I did find this story in the Memphis news. It's a tragic story about a kid who was shot and killed just down the street from our apartment in Memphis.

A few days after nurse David Santucci was fatally shot in an apparent robbery in Downtown, his friends Drew Fryman and Justin Hurley decided to perform an act of kindness that reflected their friend’s spirit of generosity: they would go to the Chili’s restaurant on Germantown Parkway where he had worked and leave a big tip.
Article here... David Santucci

Cut from Operation Tucci's website.

One project we've already begun is Operation Tucci. The idea behind this is simple: Be kind. Several of Tucci's friends have gone around the city of Memphis leaving large tips for waiters and waitresses, buying someone's groceries, and other random acts of kindness. Whatever they do, they leave the person a slip of paper with these words:

David Santucci was a nurse who devoted his life to helping others. He was genuine, smart, funny, and a dear friend of ours. This act of kindness was done in his memory.

Please take the time to spread this website!