Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 Potlucks at Sunset Bay are always delicious
Fresh meat!

So today is Halloween and the folks at the marina are making the most of it. Though Crew Istaboa has never been big Halloweeners, somehow we have been named judges for the Officially Santioned First Annual Sunset Bay Marina Halloween Chilli Cook Off. Not sure why we were selected, but we weren't able to wiggle out of it, so judges we are. So now I google how to be a chili cook off judge. Hope I find a hit.

Below are a couple of Spooky videos.
Check out the big apple in the first one... That's the scary part. Why is a huge apple on the beach?

The scariest is the Great Pumpkin... Funny! Surprised he wasn't smoking a cigarette.

If it's in your plans, we hope you have a fun Halloween.