Monday, July 6, 2009

Update on Bagan's northwest passage

Read the post... If you're a long range cruiser, you will relate.
It is what it is.

Let's go to Memphis in the meantime

So we left on the 4th of July and flew home to Memphis to check on stuff. The house is good and Mike the landscaper has kept the yard up nicely. The Cars....? nnnot so good. One shouldn't leave a car unattended for 8 months. All 3 had dead batteries. So dead in fact we couldn't even jump them off in the normal fashion. But Mini Cooper road side assistance proved to be very useful.
Got the cars going, now we're waiting on AT&T to show up and fix our high speed internet.
It's nice to be home but Mel and I don't know what to do with so much space. Our's is a relatively small home but after 8 months on Istaboa; it feels absolutely cavernous. Radar, on the other hand, loves having all the room to run around in without human supervision.

We forget just how green Rocky Point is. These are pics I took last year. We have a sun room that is better described as a green room; -all glass- it's a great place to take pics of the wildlife without scaring them.

Anyway---- that's what is going on with us for the moment. Our plans are, (and you know how we are with plans), to hang here for a couple of weeks then head back to Istaboa and do a little more cruising if the weather holds out. The hurricane prognosticators are predicting a less severe hurricane season. Hope they are correct.

Here are a few more pics that are reruns of former posts. Hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.

We'll be back when we have something interesting to show or say.
So for now...