Sunday, July 12, 2009

As we sit high and dry...

There are seven yachts attempting to transit the Northwest Passage this summer.
So while we are attending to land based obligations, we are living vicariously through these folks.
We posted earlier about Bagan's exploits_ it now seems they are almost to Greenland.
But now we have learned of 6 other daring cruisers attempting the same route.

Listed below are their blogs and/or websites:
Damn adventurous bunch. We salute them all and kinda wish we were there. Kinda.
(I only like ice in my cocktail)

Also while enjoying a quiet sunday morning here in Memphis I have compiled a slide show of sunsets and sunrises. These are some of our favorite images. The light is always so nice at those times. Think Maxfield Parrish.

Hope you enjoy.