Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Long Run

Yesterday's run started out kinda bumpy. Crossing Albemarle Sound turned to be as rough as we've been told it would be in a blowin' WNW wind. The boys didn't appreciated that at all.
After the 2 hour crossing everything settled down.

The plan was to meet our friends on Two Drifters, but we made good time and the winds were brisk/northerly/cold and the designated anchorage didn't look too inviting so we pushed on the Dowery Creek Marina in Bellhaven, NC — about 30 miles further

This morning we start the first, and hopefully the only leg of our long run back to Florida.
We'll meet Two Drifters early this morning somewhere between here and Morehead City then try to make Beaufort Inlet in daylight.
After that? The long slog in —what we're told will be— fair seas.
Our plans are to stop in Fernandina if there's daylight, on to Cape Canaveral or further south if not.
Normally we do straight shot point A to point B runs, but this trip, due to the westerly winds, we'll be running fairly close to shore in order to take advantage of the calmer seas. A little longer, but less annoying.

If you care to, you can follow us via spot... here
I'm not sure Marine Traffic is working, but you can try... here

Of course, this whole plan is weather dependant... if it's not good as we go out the inlet at Beaufort... Never mind.... we'll try again.

Wish us luck, please.